Bubs Daddy LB - Livewell and Bait Tanks

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Live Well-Bait Tank



  • Two Medical Grade Pumps
  • Two Speed Controls
  • DC/DC Buck Step Down Voltage Regulator input your DC 6-40 volts
  • Custom length power cord (You specify what you need)
  • Plano 3400 Series Waterproof Case

Bubs Daddy Bait Aerators are designed to give you a quiet fishing experience and fresh lively bait or keeping your catch alive in your livewell or bait tank.

This deluxe version allows separate on/off speed control of each pump.  You can run either pump or both at the same time.

The medical grade pumps are quiet and powerful with an on board voltage regulator and double independent speed controls makes getting just the right amount of oxygen to your bait or catch of the day easy. Just dial the voltage to suit your size live well or bait tank. Pair your Bubs Daddy with an 8 or 12 inch Nano Pore Diffuser and you have the perfect combo to keep your minnows or catch alive all day.

Any DC power source of 6-40 volts can power this aerator.  20 volt Lithium power tool battery packs, 12 volt boat battery, 36 volt trolling motor batteries, wall, auto/marine, or USB power supplies can power our aerator.

Note: As you raise the voltage, sound will increase.