Bubs Daddy Bait Aerator "Upgraded"

Bubs Daddy Bait Aerators are designed to give you a quiet fishing experience and fresh lively bait all day long. Buy your bait the night before and fish all day with your favorite 3.7v Lithium Ion 18650 sized batteries in the Bubs Daddy.

The medical grade pump is quiet and powerful with a motor speed controller makes dialing in just the right amount of oxygen to your bait easy. Just dial the voltage to suit your size bait cooler, bucket or live well. At 1.5 volts, you can aerate an Engle 30 quart cooler and not hear the unit run.


     • Medical Grade Pump
     • Motor Speed Controller ON/OFF
     • Two or Four 18650 Size 3.7v Li‐on Battery Holder
     • Plano 3400 Series Waterproof Case

New Charger port for internal battery charging and you can run the unit off wall or your vehicle or boat with one of our special USB charge cords that will show RED LED when charging and GREEN LED when your batteries are fully charged.